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A Borstal was a type of teens detention centre in the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the Republic of Ireland. In India, such a detention middle is known as a Borstal school.

Borstals were explain HM Prison Service and were designed to reform minor people. The word is sometimes used loosely to apply to other kinds of teens institutions and reformatories, such as endorsed schools and puberty detention centres. The court sentence was officially called "Borstal training". Borstals were originally for offenders under 21, but in the 1930s the maximum age was increased to 23. The Criminal Justice Act 1982 abolished the Borstal system in the UK, replacing Borstals with teenage years custody centres.

The Body Kitchen UK  has been providing customers with meal prep food in Borstal for many years now. Our Vision is simple, We want to provide quick, Easy, Healthy and Enjoyable meals to everyone who wants or needs it. Our Target audience is EVERYONE, Normal people who struggle to find the time or just may not be fully aware what is the best food to eat to maintain a good healthy diet. So order today for your delivery in Borstal.

With The Body Kitchen UK you can take advantage of our professional team, so contact us today if you have any questions.

Health is a relationship between you and your body, and with a lot of people thinking that means dieting and cutting out on certain food groups, it’s not. That’s why we created The Body Kitchen – we will help get you the results you want and give your body exactly the nutrition it needs. With a professional culinary team The Body Kitchen brings clean calorie counted food that is all freshly prepared, using the highest quality of ingredients. Each meal will provide necessary daily vitamins resulting in a healthier lifestyle, helping to improve performance and results. Meals can be picked to suit individual dietary needs and be the key to good nutrition leading to healthy living and being. All meat and fish that The Body Kitchen supplies is all sustainably sourced. Only using the best ingredients from suppliers well known and that meet strict quality standards.


Choose Your Favourite
Choose Your Favourite

Choose your favourite meals and order online or by phone. It's easy to customise your order.

We Deliver Your Meals
We Deliver Your Meals

We will prepare and deliver your meals straight to your door or if you want to collect from us you can.

Eat and Enjoy
Eat and Enjoy

No shopping, no cooking and no cleaning. Enjoy your healthy meals with your family.


Amelia HallidayAmelia Halliday

The quality of food you receive means its such good value for money. Also a very healthy and friendly service. Will definitely order again!

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Hayden BirchHayden Birch

Throughout the past year The Body Kitchen has been my absolute go to for my meals. I cannot put into words how perfect the experience has been.

From fast delivery, excellent customer service from their team to fresh and tasty ingredients.

Great variety of meals to choose from to so you can never get bored of the normal repetitive meals.

I'm not one normally to go out my way to write a review but I can safely say these guys know what they're doing and will continue to have my custom.

Cheers guys


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Simran ThamiSimran Thami

The meals are very tasty! Being a vegan I'm happy that Body Kitchen provides a lot of different varieties of meal for us. They also have great customer service.

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Leanne HamesLeanne Hames

Great food and service. Takes away a lot of mid week pressure trying to think of healthy food whilst working. Highly recommend.

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